Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation Scholarship 2022 Apply Online

Scholarship has been announced of KARWAN E ILM for session 2022. Students who are from all types of provinces and them now about the procedure and their terms that kind of students do not wait for last date of this and they can get scholarship from this. First of all is that some of students who are toppers of the board and they know that they can get scholarship but they see that in Pakistan there is too much low scholarship sectors that announced scholarship.

For that committee of this announced that all kind of students who have three top positions in all over the board and they are from overall from any board of Pakistan that kind of students are eligible to get this and they can get scholarship for their next education. If any student who is orphan and they do not have amount that they can get education that is for private and government that kind of students are eligible and if they are also blind then they can also get scholarship.

Karwan e ilm Foundation Scholarship 2022

This scholarship is not for only the position holders of all board as like handicap students can also get this and they need to confirm that how many marks they need to get in this session and then they are eligible for that. This is most common thing is that all students think that they are eligible but when the eligibility criteria of any scholarship is uploaded in this site then they feel sad because they need to do some things or documents that they do not have. That kind of all students first wait for this and then they are eligible for that.

Pakistan government try to cover all types of students who want to get education in this session but now they announced that if they do not have too much high marks but their mentally and physical condition is too much poor that kind of students are eligible. Now main thing is that which class is required for this and some of students who want to know that if they clear in the class of 10th then this is also eligible for 11th class or not. Yes this is eligible but this is for that who wants to get admission in the university and they want to get fee scholarship for this that kind of students can get this.

Eligibility Criteria

Government also announced scholarship in more times and they have also eligibility criteria of same condition but now they announced that if any student who is already enrolled in any other scholarship and they think that now they want to take this again that kind of students are not eligible.

For more details in every condition they can get extra information from this site but for that they need to click this link and then they can get access of this.

Committee uploaded their scholarship form online and they can edit form online from this site.

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