Harassment Comment Policy

It is against the policy of any country that you such kind of comments in which harassment words will use, these comments will remove by the admin. Conversation should be inĀ  respectful manners.

People Identification

Those visitors who want to leave comment on website they will show off their identity. Let us tell you that we will never share your email or any personal information with anyone. Here we just want to clarify that anonymous comments are against our policy.

Promotion Someone

It shall not allow promoting your business without our permission. Such kind of comments in which you will promote someone or any other website will consider illegal according our policy. We shall remove these kinds of comments. If anyone will keep promoting their business without our permission, we will have rights to take action against him legally.

We reserve all the rights to read comments, delete comments and take actions against comments.

False Information

Information provided by someone in comment will not be the responsibility of our website. If someone is trusting on the information provided in comment box, it will be their concern. Anyhow if you are providing inaccurate information which will affect our visitors then we will delete your comment.

Moderation Process

Let us share an interesting fact with you that we will moderate each comment before showing it on our website. Few rules have been defined above so if you have read that information then you can move toward next step.

Language Rules

We would like to recommend you to use official language in comment box. Urdu, English, Pashto, Sindhi and Saraikhi are few official languages which will make your way easy to communicate with us as well as with others on our website.