Hajj Application Form 2022 Check Online Download

All kind of application and visa form for HAJJ and UMRHA are available in this page. If any person who want to get application of HAJJ for this session and they want to get complete procedure for applying and getting visa application that kind of person stay with this page and if they want to get information about package and flight schedule that kind of students visit site daily and they can get all types of information about HAJJ. It is the big news for all types of person who have a dream to perform HAJJ. Some of the person tries their best to apply for HAJJ but sometimes situation is too much bad and sometimes seats are not available.

Ministry of religion affairs announced that if any person who wants to perform HAJJ in this session and they are completely fit according to their health that kind of person click this link and they can get application for HAJJ. Some of the persons whose age are more than 70 and they want to perform HAJJ that kind of person first submit their medical certificate and then can get visa for HAJJ. Government of SAUDI announced that people of Pakistan who want to come in SAUDIA for HAJJ but due to virus they are not able due to their health that kind of persons can visit in next year. if any person who perform UMHRA in this session and they want to perform HAJJ in same session that kind of persons are not eligible. All types of persons who are new and they do not know about new policy that is announced by SAUDI government that kind of persons click this link and they can get application of HAJJ.

How to Get Hajj Application

All persons who are interested and they want to get application form that kind of person first enters some data that is important for application and then they can download form.

Candidates just click link and then they can download it through this page. If can candidate wants to get instruction list and they want to list of general requirements that kind of candidates can also download form through this page.

Now at this time, Mostly candidates face some problem and big problem is that candidates do not understand that how many applications are enough for their whole family. Some of the families have plan that they all perform HAJJ and they want to get complete application form for all family members. Ministry of religion announced that candidates who have a complete family and they have a alive wife in their family that kind of candidates do not fill application form together. Separate application form is available.

Application Form

Many candidates have application form but they do not know which fields are necessary for visa and which fields are not too much important.

In this application form, candidates write name and their father name.

Most important thing is that candidates must be enter expire date of passport.

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