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Wisdom Science College Chokara Karak Fee Structure 2023

Fee structure of Wisdom College is going to be updated. Before that students who read the past fee structure and they think that they can pay the fee on this that kind of students are not eligible. When we talk about the college then mostly kind of students feel that this is very good thing that all kind of students can pay it but when they see this fees then they want to know that can they work on the six months schedule or not. Admission committee announced that at the time of admission students passed the admission test then they do not know that at this time they must be pay admission test or not because the admission fee process is not mentioned in this site. Best is that they pay the admission fee that is too much high that is 5000 but this is for the class of first year.

They announced admission in the FSC class but on the other they also pay the admission fee of the same rate of class ICS. Private students who think that they need to get the admission fee and other fees of all classes that kind of students do not need to pay because first they pay the fee of registration and then  they are eligible to pay the admission fee not tuition fee.

Students who want to know that what is the currently tuition fee of one month and they announced that if they only read the supply subjects of this session then they pay the whole subjects rate or they manage the fee of one subject that have supply in this session.  Mostly students claim that when they read the syllabus from this college then they see that some of students do not pay anything to this college fee that kind of students are position holder and they do not need to pay anything for fee and other expenses.

This is not the college that they pay the fee and extra activities charges but on the other hand they  announced that all kind of students who are from the A plus group and they have a mission to pass the papers with good marks that kind of students pay the examination fee is too much high. First is that in this month all kind of students who do not pay the fee of examination and they do not pay the tuition fee that kind of students can check the status of this fees from account office and now they pay the fees with fine that is extra 100 RS.

Wisdom Science College Chokara Karak Fee Structure 2023

When this college announced the sports schedule and they announced that all kind of students can deposit the charges of sports then they do not blame that they pay in the admission fee or other fee because this college only charged the main things that is admission fee and tuition fee.

Examination fee is more than 200 of every month of all classes.

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