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University of Sargodha LLB Fee Structure 2023 Check Free

University of Sargodha declared fee structure of LLB department. University of Sargodha is government university and their fees are too much little and less. Students who are too much poor and they want to get admission in this university for only this department that kind of students can easily pay first semester fee of this department. In Pakistan, mostly students are too much crazy for this department and they try their best to do this course but some students do not pay fees of this department to different institutes.

Some students want to get complete information about this degree and they also want to get information of evening category. Students who want to get fees information of LLB degree in open merit category and they also pay admission fee and first semester fee at one time that kind of students pay 40K and then they are eligible for study.

This university charged fee on semester category. At the end of 4 months, this university declared fee voucher and they submit to all students. If any student who are too much like and they do not want to pay their tuition fee that kind of students first get 90 percent marks in intermediate degree and then they are eligible for best scholarship that is announced by this university. This university announced that five things are mentioned in fee voucher. This university has facility of transport and hostel. All students who do not use transport charges but they are part of university that kind of students also pay transport charges.

Every student wants to know about currently tuition fee of LLB department that kind of students just pay Rs 27900 in their first semester. Some students who freeze their semester and they think that after continue their study they can pay admission fee or not. Admission committee of this university announced that students just pay admission fee only when they are in this university.


Admission fee for all departments are same. Admission fee for LLB is 16K.

Students who do not pay admission fee and admission processing fee that kind of students are not eligible for this university. Mostly students who do not use facility of hostel but they want to get information of hostel that kind of students click this link and they can get information list about hostel and mess.

After the first semester, students do not pay admission fee.

Then they can only fee of 25K.

Mostly students are too much worried and they notice that some time fees are too much fee in some semesters and some time fees are too much high is some semester and they have a question to admission committee that why they do not stable their fee structure of this department. Answer is that fee is decided on credit hours. Sometimes subjects are not too much major and their credits hours are too much less in quantity that’s why fees are too much less.

Documentation and internship fee is not charged from students.

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