University of Karachi HEC Need Based Scholarships 2022

University of Karachi announced scholarship on need base program. This university announced that students who do not pay the admission fee, library fee and other semester fee with easy resources and now they want to get scholarship them they are eligible. At that time there are two types of scholarship of this session. First one is that any other scholarship sector selected this university and then they pay to the students and second is that scholarship sector is also in university of Karachi and they also lead it with proper rules.

Both of categories are running in this session but students are too much confused at that stage and they think that if they selected from the other sector then how many chances that they can get scholarship at proper time. Every university has a proper time and they can upload fee details at any time and if any other sector who announced scholarship and they all apply for this scholarship but at the time of fee their fee submission date is not too much far then they can face too much problems.

But thing is that in this time Sindh Government gives scholarship to students and they also announced that students who do not have nothing to spend for education then they can apply and they can get scholarship from this government. Like if any person who are not from this university but at that time if they are student of any other university that is eligible for this scholarship then they can get scholarship otherwise they are not eligible for this session.

Mostly students want to know that how many amounts they choose for the scholarship and they also want to know that if they have two years degree level then they are eligible or not. First students who are regular and they apply for this scholarship that kind of students first check eligibility criteria and then they can do further process. If student who do not apply but they are eligible then they can apply after one date of last date. Big thing is that no other student think that they are eligible but they miss this scholarship due to their negligence. Now university announced total amount for the semester and they also announced that this university only pay the amount of fee of semester and books fee that is only 50k.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for this scholarship are that students who need to get scholarship but their family yearly income is up to 5 LAC then they are not eligible for this session.

If one or two students of same family are study in the same university but their semesters are different then they are eligible and if their class are same and their relation is not too much close then they are not eligible. One most important thing is that students who apply for scholarship and then they do not have documents in original form then they are not eligible.

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