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University Of Engineering And Technology Lahore (UET) PhD Admission 2023

Passed students of MS are eligible for PHD degree. University of engineering and technology who is best for the engineering field and ion field of civil. Students who have a lot of knowledge in the class of master and now they want to explore their knowledge that kind of students are eligible for this university but complete process for admission is too much important for this session. One thing is that if any student who thinks that due to virus they can apply late and they can get admission after the last date of admission who is in the month of July. Students must note one thing and if they do not have degree of MS then they are not eligible. University of engineering and technology announced that degree of PHD is too much tough and if any student who think that they just read the theory simple and after that they can get degree of PHD that kind of students now in UET and without research they do not get admission.

Some students want to say and they also want to request to VC that they reduce the fees and other expenses but they want to know that is scholarship is available for this session or not. University of engineering and technology announced that students whose CGPA is more than 3.5 out of 4 and they want to do same degree then they are eligible otherwise they are not eligible for any other support. Some students have a habit that they also change the subjects and degree level in every session and students who want to change their subject after Master and they think that they can change it in this session then students are eligible but it is related with their previous degree.

University Of Engineering And Technology (UET) PhD Admission 2023

Some students have a lot of marks but due to changing the subject they lose their value in that subject and then they do not get admission in this university. Example is that student who do MS in computer engineering but at the time of PHD they think that they want to do degree in the subject of Chemical that kind of students are not eligible.

Students whose thesis process of MS is clear and they want to apply for admission and they want to get respond for admission then they can get admission and they can also get letter that is confirmation of admission.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that students whose marks are in the CGPA then they can get marks 3.0 and then they are eligible.

If their marks are low and their result sheet is based on division or annual marks then they are eligible if they have 80 percent marks.

UET only give admission test to the students of BS and if they want to get admission then they passed GAT test and after that they are eligible.

Students who are from FATA and other province then they are eligible with low marks.

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