University Of College Of Art & Design Lahore Admission 2021

The admission of professional diploma courses for the students of session 2021 has been announced. Students who want to do one year complete course of different fields that kind of the students apply for this college. In Pakistan, most students have too much interest in the creative fields and in their free time they learn from the different resources. College of arts and design is the one of the famous department in the University of Punjab because this department announced admission in every year.

  • In Pakistan, mostly girls have hobby to make different paintings.
  • Some of the students have too much interest in the field of photography. Some students think that photography is very simple thing but on the other hand they do not understand the beauty of scene and size.
  • Some of the students have too much interest in the field of textile designing. The field of textile is now too much wide in Pakistan. In the city of Faisalabad, there are many textile mills and the important thing is that every year textile mills announce d jobs for textile designers.

University Of College Of Art & Design Lahore Admission 2021

Courses Name

  • First diploma is drawing. The duration of this course is 1 year.
  • Second diploma is Painting. The overall time for the course is 1 year.
  • Third diploma is Graphic designing. The time for the course is 1 year.
  • Fourth diploma is Textile designing. The course duration is 1 year.
  • Fifth diploma is Photography. The time for the complete course is 1 year.
  • Sixth diploma is Music; the overall time is 1 year.
  • Seventh diploma is too much important for the advanced technology. The duration of this course is only 6 months.


  • The last date of submission the application is 25-01-2021.
  • University of Punjab announced that after the submission date, no admission form is accepted.

How To Get Admission In These Diplomas

  • Now this time all the diplomas have much importance in different fields. Some of the students read only theory all time. They do not do the practical work in the company or industry. Now this time, every industry demands the experience employees because they know that fresh candidates need training and they do not have enough time for training the new candidates.
  • If any student wants to do the job that kind of the students do this course in this free time.
  • The best tip is that some of the students continue their jobs but at the time of class they stop the work and continue their studies.
  • Students who want to get admission in the courses that kind of students click the link and get the admission form of university of Punjab.
  • Students write all the information in the admission form and then they submit to the admission office of Punjab University.
  • There are two campuses of university. All the applications are takings in the old campus of university.

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