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University Of Buner Merit List 2023 Check Online

The merit set by every University in every year due to different reasons. There are a large number of students live in our society and the numbers of students a increase every year. So there are different programs who have different merit quota. Every student wish to get admission in science a group and superior degree program. So the University of Bunner a special merit in each program before giving the admission of student. Is the merit criteria not set by the  University of Bunner then every student you wish to get admission in superior or any other science group.

So that is why  University of Bunner set admission on merit basis. But there are also some other way to get admission after merit admission. That is a self supprtmerit this is also a way to get admission in a  University of Bunner. But in  University of Bunner when you want to get admission through self but you have to FSC ICS degree with at least 60% marks before admission. This is a minimum merit for those students who want to get admission through self support merit.

The other merit of science program is round about 80% above with intermediate FSC or ICS degree. Sometime and extra and entry-test also set by the  University of Bunner. The merit is set on the marks of those students who send their admission form with intermediate and metric degrees. The demerit is also changed every year depends on numbers of students and marks of their degrees.

University Of Buner Merit Scholarships

Sometime  University of Bunner set scholarship program for those students who have 90% plus marks. But  University of Bunner open scholarship program say in some program and some seats. Not everyone can get admission through scholarship program. In scholarship University of Bunner give free admission with free accommodation and free degree. Sometime  University of Bunner give this type students an extra money as a scholar.

University Of Buner Merit for Handicap

In our society there are different types of students live. Some are good in physical performance while the other hand is some are not healthy.  some students are physically disabled and some students are handicapped. So the University of Bunner set an additional criteria seats for handicapped type students. That mean if a student does not have enough marks but student is a handicapped or physically disabled then  University of Bunner give him or his admission through handicapped criteria.

University Of Buner Merit for Poor

This is an another quota for those students who have no enough resources to pay their fees. IFA students is a poor and their parents do not have enough earning to pay the expenses of the degree then the  University of Bunner give them admission through fees concession. These children’s are also get admission whose parents died. This is for those students who really poor in life. Admission through poor are only give by institute on those students who are really poor in life.

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