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Unique Group Of Institute Lahore Admission 2023 Playgroup to Matric

Unique primary and high school announced admission to little and all kind of students. Now this time, this admission is not only opened in Lahore city this admission is also announced in all kind of cities and campuses. Unique school announced admission from play group to high class and they also announced that students who want to join this school at the class of 9th and 10th class that kind of students are eligible and they can get admission through proper channel. Admission committee announced that students of 9th class who have result sheet of their 9th class but they want to get education of 10th class from this school that kind of students are eligible and if they have any position in board examination then they can get admission without any tuition fee.

This school is very different from other schools because this school uses all types of latest technologies for students. now this time, all kind of students need some latest technologies and they also demand all types of android machineries for their education. This college announced that they have more than 100 laptops and other facilities that will be only for students. If any student wants to become doctor and they want to do different types of experiment for their syllabus that kind of students use practical labs at any time. Some of the students have a dream that they become a good researcher and they need lot of books for knowledge that kind of students enjoy from library and they read all types of history and general books. Students who want to get admission in play group but their parents are scared that students can adjust their mind on school environment or not that kind of parents check profile that is mentioned in prospectus and they can see that all kind of toys and different kind of play room is waiting for your child. If you want to check status of school then students can check different seminars and they see that too much high faculty members of international schools participate in meeting that is only for students.

Unique Group Of Institute Lahore Admission 2023

Now time to tell about education of students and admission policy of this school. Some student who are already register in this school but due to any reason they stop their degrees that kind of students do not need to pay any admission fee for this school. New students first appear in admission test that is not too much tough but this is not too much easy. If students clear this test with minimum 50 percent marks then they can get admission. If any student does not get good marks then they can get admission in C session of this course.

Eligibility Criteria

At the time of admission and registration, parents must be supported with their child and they can visit school at any time of working hours.

Students of 9th class submit their board result sheet copy and then they are able for admission of this school.

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