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UHS Government Medical Colleges AJK Admission 2023

Admission of the 3rd highly ranked medical university in the Pakistan has been announced. The University of Health Sciences is the one of the famous and the highly ranked university in the Pakistan this university is the first who introduced the MDCAT test and this institute makes the future of the different students in the field of the medical sciences. Some of the students have the dream to get the degree of MBBS from this university but the important thing is that this university has too much merit in the real life and now in this session million of the students are applying for the admission. Some of the students think that they announced only MDCAT test but they do not know this university also have the faculty of medicine and allied sciences departments. This university is the government and now this time they announced the admission of MBBS, BDS and DVM.

The university of health sciences announced that students who have the low marks in the medical sciences field and they want to get the admission in the other like lower merit degree that kind of the students apply for this university. All the degrees of the 5 years are verified by the PMDC and the 4 years degree are verified by the higher education commission of Pakistan.

Only the main campus of the University of Health Sciences maintains the admission of the students.

University Of Health Sciences (UHS) Govt. Medical Colleges AJK Admission 2023

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria of the University of Health Sciences is that students have the proper certificate of matriculation with 60 percent marks but the University of Health Sciences announced that only 40 percent marks are enough for the eligible.

The 60 to 65 percent marks are important for the MDCAT.

Students have the 65 percent marks in the MDCAT test but for the aggregate of the final list need 50 percent marks in the test.

Students must have the degree of intermediate and this university needs 60 percent marks in the intermediate level.

Both male and females can apply but they the complete documents for admission.

The age limit for regular admission is 18 years old.

If any student has one year gap in the study that kind of the students are eligible for the admission.

How to Apply

Interested students first click the link and they check the merit aggregate in the calculator. If they fulfill the requirements of this university then they can apply.

University of Health sciences announced that students can apply online through the internet and they also announced that if any student enters wrong information then they will be rejected in the next round.

MDCAT test slip and the ID card are compulsory for the admission.

Students also upload the picture and the documents for the admission in the admission form.

Some of the students who are appear in the test and they have low marks in the MDCAT test but they have good marks in the intermediate that kind of the students are also eligible for the admission.

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