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UET ECAT Test Result 2023 Check Online Download

Big and best chapter of student’s life that is ECAT announced result of 2023. Students who appear in the test of morning and now they do wait for the result of this test that kind of students are eligible for checking the superb result and if any student who want to get result key of all sheets color that kind of students click link and they can check online. In the hot day millions of students appear in test at one time and now UET announced that students can get result but if they have manual fill sheet then they are eligible otherwise they are not able for checking the result. Mostly students are too much happy at that time because they know that the time is near when they see that they got full marks and some students are too much conscious because they know that they left some lectures and now they got low marks.

First we can see the total marks of this test and then we can discuss that how many marks are need for passing. Students who do not know about the total marks and they think that they just got half works and then they can get admission that kind of students do not need to check result in this session because at that time merit is too much high and students minimum need 70 percent marks in this session. Here are the 4 basic colors of sheets.

Some students think that all multiple choice questions are different and some students think that only Green colors have easy multiple choice questions but this is not true. Students who want to get know about sheet colors and they also want to get result that kind of students click link and then they can get result sheet. This is list of colors and students just choose one color and then they can get all answers of all questions. One important thing is that students who do not fulfill the accurate circle that kind of students do not get 2 marks.

List of colors

  • Green
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Blue

Total Marks And Passing Marks

Total marks for this test is 400. Students who are consider in the passing category that students got above 200 marks.

Negative Marking

ECAT has a rule that they use the negative policy and students who fill the wrong circle then they got minus 4 marks and if they do not fill the circle then they can get minus 2 marks.

Subjects of Test

Here is the list of subjects and students can get the individual subject result through these options.

  • Math
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • English

UET ECAT Test Result 2023

Students who are ready for checking result and they have a complete though that they got too much high marks that kind of students click link and they use roll number for result.

Passed students open portal and update their marks in student portal.

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