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The Enlighteners School Admission 2023 Last Date to Apply

The Enlighteners school who is working under the Cambridge system announced admission. Students who want to start the journey of their education with proper standard and their parents have a wish that students want to get international study that kind of students have a big opportunity to get the admission in this school. Some parents and some families do not know about the Cambridge education system and they just know that this is international education.

First is that some students want that they want to learn some skills and some knowledge and they do not run off to the marks that kind of students just prefer to the international study and they know that in the future life if their concepts are clear then they can get more skills in their life. Now this school announced that students who are scared that in international study they do not miss the concepts of ISLAM that kind of students first download the syllabus of all classes and then they can see that in every class important subjects of Quran and ISLAM are included in every syllabus of all session.

The Enlighteners Admission 2023

This school announced admission form play group to middle classes and they also announced that students who left the school due to poor syllabus and now they want to learn the skills of new syllabus that kind of students check contents and then they are eligible for admission. Admission committee announced that students who want to get early education from this sector and after that they have a mind that they can complete education from international sector then it is possible and they can get admission on the behalf of this sector.

Some parents who are too much conscious in the study of students and they want to get position in every class that kind of students can check the result sheet of previous class. One important announcement is that students who will appear in this session of annual paper and they think that this school get papers locally that kind of students do not need for the enrollment of this session. This school has a rule that they just apply for the international papers and if they want to appear in this test session then they just apply and then all students appear in this test.

Eligibility Criteria And Timing

Eligibility criteria are that students who want to get admission in play group class and students do not have any skills like words identify that kind of students are not eligible. Students first learn some knowledge and then they can get admission that is compulsory for admission of this session.

Second is that parents who want to attend in parents meeting and they want to get schedule of this session that kind of parentsĀ  can attend in any time and if they have any problem in study then they can discuss with teachers at the education or school timing of this school.

New timing of all classes will be uploaded for this session.

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