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The City School Fee Structure 2023 Check Online

City school of main campus and all other campuses in Pakistan announced fee structure of this year. This school is very famous in Lahore city. Mostly upper class students and families who have aim to get good education from good and high grade school that kind of students learn knowledge and skills from this school. In Pakistan, different campuses are in different cities like Karachi and Lahore. Students who want to get degree of O level and A level with proper syllabus that kind of students choose this school. Now this time, this school announced big announcement for all students is that if any student who does not pay their fee during duration of Corona virus that kind of students does not pay fine for this. Some schools and other sectors charged extra fees for total duration.

This school has all kind of classes like play group to 8th class and then O level and A level. Some students who have certificates of previous class from different schools that are government or private that kind of students pay admission fee first and then they are eligible for admission.

This school has rules that they charges fees for only two months. After two months, all students received fee voucher for next two months and then students are free for problem of fees. Some students who have any financial problem in their family and they feel that they do not pay fee every two months that kind of students visit school of desired campus and then they discuss their problem to admission office of school.

In this session, admission office and principal of branches decided that if any students are in problem then school makes one year complete fee structure of that student and then they arrange their fees in monthly installment. This is one of the best steps for all kind of parents who are in problem and their school supports him with proper policy.

Admission Fee For New Students Or Migrated Students

In every session, this school changed their admission fee and policy. Now this time admission fee of all kind of students like Play group to A level is 80000 RS. Some students who have any relation with teachers and some have any relation with principal that kind of students can pay their admission fee is up to 50000 to 80000 RS.

If any students who want to migration from another institute and they want to get admission in this school for only examination session that kind of students first pay complete admission fee and then they pay two months fee in advance.

In regular routine, class play group to 5th class pay 15000 RS fee for only twice months.

Students of O level pay 38000 RS for duration.

Students of A level pay 42000 RS in every two months.

Every year this school demand for sports fund and medical fund for health of students to parents.

Examination fee and summer vocation work sheet fee is also mentioned in page.

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