Tanzeem Ul Madaris Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan Date Sheet 2023 – AdmissionPK

Tanzeem Ul Madaris Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan Date Sheet 2023

Date sheet of all examination of this institute has been announced. This institute is situated in the main city of the Pakistan and now they announced that all types of students who are from different cities but they are registered in this institute for the phase 1 to phase 3 that kind of students can download date sheet of this session examination. Due to virus this session is going to be ended but before that all students clear their fees and then they can download date sheet. This institute is totally different from other institutes because other institutes announced date sheet of all subjects and take same examination from all students but in this session, they are not working like that because every student has a unique speed and they do not read fast of this book. If any student who is registered in the affricated institute and now, they want to download date sheet of desire institute that kind of students click link and they can search institute from list and then they can download and get online from this page.

In this session, more than 6 classes appear in the examination and all students of phase 2 and 4 they must be clear their enrollment documents and then they can get date sheet form their online portal. One important information is that if any student who do not visit institute due to lock down and they are also affected in the disease of corona that kind of students can get date sheet from home and if they think that they do not get date sheet in time and due to virus, they do not appear in the examination at that time that kind of students can write the application for their emergency and then they can appear in the next session examination.

List of all subjects and list of all classes are mentioned in page and one of the students who complete their all course and now they want to download last date sheet of their course that kind of students first submit the approval of class head and then they are eligible for date sheet. In this session, HIFZ class, TAFSSER CLASS and other classes are participated in the examination.

Head of the institute announced that all students must be download their individual date sheet and if any person who think that they are too much active in study and at the time of examination they do not have roll number slip at that time that kind of students are not eligible. Head of the examination announced that students who are from phase that kind of students appear in the examination under different groups and if they do not follow the rules and they do not follow time table that kind of students are not eligible for examination.

Tanzeem Ul Madaris Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan Date Sheet 2023

Students click link and they enter their registration number because every student needs individual date sheet for examination.

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