Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) New Connection Demand Notice & Fee

SEPCO has been published their new connection information. In this session mostly type of people faces many problems in meter and now they decided that they can get the new meter and then they can use it that kind of people are eligible and they want to know that is this possible that they can do this.  First of all is that no any person who thinks that this is best way that the first meter is working and when they feel that they need to change then they change it that kind of people do not do this and they do not have the authority to do this as like such the work of this session. In this session that is 2022 they announced that all the new rules are announced and they announced that people whose application are pending and they do not have any order on that and they want to get meter and they have the demand notice that kind of people are not eligible for that and with that they have any issue on that.

They think that this company does not upload the document automatically but they do not know that in this application some of the information is wrong and invalid that’s why they do not work properly that kind of person are eligible and they can also check the status of this connection if they want to upload this.

Now the main problem is the limitation of the demand notice and the new connection and if they think that this is minor thing that they can change that kind of people are not eligible to do this and in some case of emergency they think that they need to change then they are eligible for that. Fee of normal is up to 5k but in case of urgent they need to pay up to pay 10k that is too much high rate of this government. One of main thing is that some people who think that when the reading of their meter is too much high and they think that now in this month they have the chance that the bill is too much high they try to back the meter reading and now the new meter is blast if they do anything with that.

How They Pay Demand Notice

When they know that meter is working but some of days the meter is too much old and their limit is ended at that time and they think that now they have two options is that they can change and they have the option that they can replace with new one and digital one that kind of people are eligible to do this.

When they have the demand notice of this session then they have the time that they can pay it at that time or after the time of this session when they need to get information then they visit this page.

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