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Study Visa For Uzbekistan From Pakistan 2023 Requirements, Fee & Consultant

Getting study visa for Uzbekistan from Pakistan is now quite simple. As all of you know that Uzbekistanis now open for whole world and for sure we have introduced with the latest technology of Uzbekistan so you should get admission in Uzbekistan. We will share complete information with our visitors so that they may get admission in Uzbekistan institute and serve their country in future. Below is complete information related to getting student visa for Uzbekistan. Take a look on it and if you will have any confusion then we will be here to listen to you.

Admission Approval

As per any foreign requirement you need to verify if you are going to get admission in that country where else you are going to apply for students visa. So it will be your first process in which you will apply for admission in Uzbekistan’s institute. After that you have to check either they will accept you or not. In case of getting acceptance letter you will be able to do further process. Select some institute, get that institute online admission from, fill that form and submit it online on their official site.

After applying for admission they will take round about 15 to 45 days to verify your admission (only if admissions will open). Be professional while providing your admission on admission form as they will send email on that mail which you will provide on admission form. Once you will get acceptance letter, you will be able to apply for student visa. For now it is quite simple and there is not such high competition as this country is just opened for foreign 4 years ago.

Required Documents

We were talking about few documents so we decided to list out these documents below so that you may check if you are missing any document or have collected all the required documents before going to apply for admission. For now you will check these documents.

  • Admission letter from institute
  • Financial statement
  • Applicant CNIC
  • Guardian CNIC
  • Utility Bill
  • Polio vaccination certificate
  • Corona vaccination certificate

Bank Statement

While getting admission in Uzbekistan you have to show off your bank balance. It is because they don’t want to let you go back while studying just because of tuition fee. The reason behind it that your seat will get empty if you will leave and it could be the biggest lose for someone who could get admission on behalf of you. You have to keep that amount in you account that you will show first time while getting admission so that you may keep your journey safe.

Staying policy

Students who are visiting for the purpose of study, they will just complete their study and will come back after completing it. They will not have permission to stay there if their visa will expire. Those students who will do misbehave their admission will cancel out and university will never accept them again as their student. Keep patience and go to apply for admission.

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