Study Visa For South Kore From Pakistan 2022 Fee & Procedure

South Korea is the first choice for those students who want to go abroad for study. The education system of South Korea is just amazing. When you are the residence of Pakistan then for sure you would like to go somewhere to get higher education. According to last research the literacy rate of South Korea is 98% in which almost 70% people carrying bachelor’s degree. For sure if you will stay among educated people then your personality will change and you will become an educated person. Anyways now we will not waste our much time and will talk about student visa for Pakistani students.

There are two types of visa’s for those students who want to get admission in South Korea. We will discuss the nature of both visa’s and will let you know which one will be suitable for you. So now take a look on given below paragraphs and decide by yourself which one is best for you.

D-2 Student Visa

Those students who want to get admission in researching institute as they will continue their research there, they will apply for D-2 visa. The maximum time of this visa will be 2 years. After completing 2 years you have to leave South Korea. If you still want to stay there then you have to apply for visa extending. Degrees which you will do in this visa will be Bachelor’s of two years, Masters of two years or PhD research which must be at most two years.

D-4 Visa

We normally call this visa general trainee. Students who are saying that they will get admission in South Korea and will take classes in Korean language, they will apply for this visa. It will be more beneficial for students as they will have more opportunity to get job there after completing their stud. If you want to for internship, you can apply for D-4 visa too.

Acceptance Letter

The embassy of South Korea in Pakistan required acceptance letter before issuing you student visa for South Korea. When you will apply for admission in South Korea, they will inspect your application and will send you response on your mail. In case of accepting their student, they will send you acceptance letter. It will be the letter which will check out by the embassy of South Korea in Pakistan. Those students who have accepted for admission, they have more opportunity to get admission in South Korea.

There shall be several condition and you have to fulfill all these conditions. These conditions will apply on those students who will be selected for admission in South Korea. As you know Korea is polite country where people live in peace. You will not allow to do any bad activity there. In case of involving in any bad activity, they will deport you forever. Better do study there and focus on your career. Thanks for being here. If you have confusion in anything then you can ask about it to us.

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