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Stony Brook University PA Program Admissions | How To Apply Online

Stony Brook University PA program is being offered to all the citizens of the United States as well as the local and permanent citizens of the United States. Stony Brook University is now conducting admissions for all the undergraduates and graduates. And Stony Brook University is also conducting admissions for Physician Assistant Program, Graduate degree for all the students wanting to apply for the PA program.

The State University of New York at Stony Brook, commonly known as Stony Brook University (SBU) is a public sea grant and space grant research university, located in the Stony Brook, New York in the United States. There are four university centers of the State University of New York out of which Stony Brook is also a part of this system. This institute is a home to many undergraduate and postgraduate students founded sixty three years ago in the year 1957 in Oyster Bay under the name of State University College on Long Island and was further moved to Stony Brook later in 1962.

Stony Brook University is a part of Association of American Universities and also a member of Universities Research Association and due to its extremely high research activity this university is ranked under R1 as a Doctoral University. Stony Brook University is in partnership with Battelle, it also manages Brookhaven National Laboratory and also national lab of the United States Department of Energy. The State University of New York as Stony Brook has around 2,738 academic staff members and a total of 26,814 students completing their undergraduates and postgraduates degrees that offers many programs like Stony Brook PA program, Civil engineering program and many more. Stony Brook University has many schools and colleges that include the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, The Graduate School, Renaissance School of Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, School of Health Technology and Management, School of Journalism, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, School of Nursing, School of Professional Development and School of Social Welfare.


Stony Brook PA program has many facilities that enables the students to easily conduct their degrees and to learn the physician assistant program requirements. These facilities include Lecture Halls, there are six lecture halls out of which one to four numbered lecture halls are located on level 2 and on level 3 there are lecture hall 5 and lecture hall 6. All these lecture halls are near the escalator and provides a theater type setting for students to easily focus on the course being taught without any trouble. Then there are the Medical Information Learning Centers on level 2 also referred to as room 500, these rooms are filled with advanced computer systems and best internet connection that provides effective searching and learning for the Stony Brook PA program. The classrooms are very spacious and fully air conditioned to provide a better learning environment to students, the classes for PA program students are conducted in two ways, either in the PA classrooms or in lecture halls, there are full LCD screens and other advance learning equipment present for students to take advantage of and learn the whole course with simulations and easy learning environment.

What does it take to get into Stony Brook University–SUNYPA program?

Stony Brook University accepts multiple kinds of applications which include the Common Application, Coalition Application or university’s own application that is the SUNY Application. The students can fill any of these applications and can easily enroll in any of the eight schools and their courses offered by the Stony Brook University. Stony Brook- SUNY is an extremely selective university with a statistical acceptance rate of 41 percent. There are multiple master degree programs offered by the State University of New York Stony Brook including the Stony Brook PA program. you should also visit other universities which are offering admissions in physician assistant program and you can also check about career opportunities for students in united states top universities.

The students applying for Stony Brook University PA program should have a bachelors’ degree from a reputed institute and an experience of 1,000 hours of patient healthcare service. Moreover, to make the application stand out the students who are self-motivated, can manage their time and have done community work can fill into campus community socially as well as academically and can stand out as these additional activities makes the application more stronger and the candidate more capable for the post. Secondly, the applicants having an outstanding academic record especially in the physician assistant program related courses can have an impact on the examiner and can have a higher chance to get into the Stony Brook University – SUNY PA Program for graduate studies.

How can I apply for PA program of Stony Brook University?

To apply for Stony Brook University physician program the students have to complete a course of two step process that includes first the information session and second one is the interview session, if the candidate succeeds in both they will be admitted in the physician assistant program. To apply for Stony Brook PA program the applicants need to keep focus on these requirements by the university. These requirements include Stony Brook University PA program prerequisites, Stony Brook University PA program requirements, and Stony Brook University PA program tuition.

The Academic prerequisites for the physician program include a complete bachelor degree from an accredited institute prior to the interview, have a cumulative CASPA total GPA of 3.0 or higher, a cumulative CASPA Science GPA of 3.0 or higher or have achieved a grade of C or better in English, Social or Behavioral Sciences, Art or Humanities, Statistics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Anatomy and Physiology. Along with a health related experience of 1,000 hours of direct patient care or up to 500 or 200 hours. Three references, supplemental application and BLS, ACLS certificates too along with an email to the Stony Brook University. The student should go to the online application, create an account, complete the forms or save for later, pay application fees, submit supplemental materials and send in the academic records then wait for interview.

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