Sheikh Zayed Medical College Fee Structure 2023 All Programs – AdmissionPK

Sheikh Zayed Medical College Fee Structure 2023 All Programs

All the student now a alert who recently sent there application form for admission in Shiekh Zayed medical college that is Shiekh Zayed medical college announced admission for fall 2023. Every year Shiekh Zayed medical college open two time their admission this time the admission open for fall semester for all type students. Shiekh Zayed medical college is one of the best medical college for all time for all types students.

In This college both male students and female students came for education in medical field. There are different medical courses and degrees available in Shiekh Zayed medical college and every year several hundred students came here and get educated. But question is how expensive is a here to complete a degree. Every student and their parents want to know all important things of education institute before I get an admission. In these important things the fee structure is one of them.

We know that Pakistan is a poor country e and in Pakistan there are a lot of families who have not enough money to pay their daily expenses in any kind. So parent want to know the Shiekh Zayed medical college medical college fee structures and degrees expenses. They want to know the schedule of this season and the concession in fees and also want to how they pay their fees through installments.

In this article we are going to tell you everybody things about fee structure of all 2023 of Shiekh Zayed medical college. in this article about this institute fee structure fee concession and other fees installment period.

Sheikh Zayed Medical College Fee Structure 2023

We know that Shiekh Zayed medical college is the medical college that mean the expenses of a degree is little bit more than any other kind of University.  medical degrees is not cheap in Pakistan. Medical program is one of the most talented and highly profile program in all over world so that why in medical colleges their expenses and fees are too much. The fee structure of Shiekh Zayed medical college is changed every year in according to inflation of Pakistan. This year fall 2023 fees schedule is you pay roundabout 50000 to 70000 before getting admission. The other fees is mention on flight or website of University.

Sheikh Zayed Medical College Fee Concession

Yes there is a fee concession available for students. Sometime the fee concession available on those students who get 80% above marks in their previous degree or 85% above marks. For example if your fee is 200000 rupees % faster and you have 85% master than the university give you concession roundabout 40%. If a student have a 80% marks in a previous degree than the university give him or his 20% concession. Some other concession of poor student are also available in this institute.

Sheikh Zayed Medical College Fee Installment

Yes you can also set the installment schedule of your fees. Sometime this wouldn’t pay whole fees of your cosmetic to lower but other case almost every student fee installment of semester or annual.


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