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Selective Education System (SES) Admission 2023 Play Group to Matric

Selective education system announced admission for all classes. Students who are live in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and they want to get admission in this school for primary and middle classes that kind of students apply for this school and get best education form this school. Mostly students of Rawalpindi search best school in Islamabad but they do not find good because every school introduce new syllabus that is not accepted by Punjab Government.

This school announced that students who want to read syllabus of oxford and they want to learn all syllabus in English medium that kind of students are eligible for admission. Now this time, all students who are new or old and they want to get admission that kind of students listen that this school provide them all education in English syllabus. School announced that students who are coming from other school and they do not have any idea about policy of admission that is announced by school that kind of students click this link and then students are eligible for admission.

In Punjab province, students try their best to compete their marks from other students but some students who have total concepts but they do not pass the examination that kind of students can get admission because that kind of students just need attention about paper pattern and timing. Some students who are too much poor in study and now want to enroll in 9th class that kind of students first past regular admission test and then admission committee decided a final decision for their class.

In Pakistan, mostly schools open tuition center and they announced that after getting education from school they get also some education from same tuition center. Admission committee of this school announced students of this school just study in regular time duration and after their study time they are free and at that time they know that they have maximum 60 percent knowledge and skills for their next homework.

Selective Education System (SES) Admission 2023

This school has playground for play group to 5th class students. Boys and girls can apply but after 5th class boys are separated from girl’s campus.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for admission of all classes are that students have good picking time and they understand all types of concepts in only little time.

Degree of previous class and result of any diploma are compulsory for admission.

Students who do not appear in admission test of this session and they insist for admission that kind of students are eligible.

Students who do not submit their domicile and other documents in desire time that kind of students are not eligible.

How to Apply

Students can download admission form from this site and they can also get free information about fee.

Students visit school and they meet with admission manager.

Important Announcements

Important announcement is announced by school is that if any person who wants to get franchise of this school in their city or area that kind of person contact through contact number that is mentioned in page.

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