Sahiwal Medical College Fee Structure 2022 Check Online

Sahiwal medical college is the project of university of health sciences that is just like the sub-campus. Students who are waiting for the fees and they think after merit list they can do only one work that they need to pay first semester fee and then they can get admission. On the other hand, some of students of third semester who think that in this session they need to check that they again increase the fee or not. Fee is the important thing and if any student who think that they can pay fee at any time and no any students can say anything that then they are not eligible to this session.

Admission committee announced that one more thing is added in this session and students who need to get degree after the session of two years and they think that in the urgent basis they apply and in next day they demand for the degree that kind of students are not eligible and if they think that they need to get then they can pay the fee of this degree and then they are eligible. We all know that the degree of MBBS and BDS are too much tough and expenses and they think that they need to know that in this session they can get degree of this session more than 7 LACS or not.

In past if we talk the previous year fees details than now this is changed and according to this session 5 percent is increase in the admission fee and they announced that this is important that they can pay in the first year and next years they are not eligible for that.

Some students think that degree of MBBS and BDS are same and they think that the fees are also same but they do not know that degree is same but their merit and their fees are too much different that kind of students are eligible to pay it. Some students want to know that they have also option of distance learning then whey they do not apply for that and if any student who thinks that in this category they want to apply more and more and they pay the highest fee then they are eligible and they can see that in this session this is cheapest degree that they can do with this rate. If they want to pay the fee in this session through bank process then they also pay some external amount as like for the bank.

Sahiwal Medical College Fee Structure 2022

This is fees of 5 years degree level and they announced that students who want to get the amount from institute as like scholarship and they think that they can get admission on the base of scholarship and now they think that this sector pay for to this session that kind of students are eligible.

Selected students do not edit their fees and admission fee of this session. Admission fee is not added in second year voucher.

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