Rangers Cadet College Chakri Rawalpindi Admission 2021 Apply Free

Big and famous security sector Ranger’s cadet college announced admission for different classes. Rangers’ cadet college announced that they build the army officers and they also announced that students who have a dream to become the ranger officer and they have a lot of talent but they do not have a chance that kind of students click link and they check eligibility criteria and then they can apply. At the age of 16 to 18 mostly students are too much active and they know that how they can adopt the best field and some of the students who are too much brave and medically fit and they think that they can live their life for only their country that kind of students take admission and then they can get admission in this cadet college, this cadet college has various classes like 9th and 10th but now this time they announced that only first year students of intermediate degree level can apply for this session.

Some of the students are too much confused and they do not know how they can fill admission form and they how they can give admission test. It is not important that only Punjab province can apply for admission on the other hand best thing is that all types of students of different provinces can apply for admission. Some of the students who are not medical fit like they are not too much active on the base of mentality and some of the students who do not have legs and arms and they want to get admission that kind of students are not eligible.

Admission committee announced that all students who want to get information about quota and they also need to get detailed information about seats of admission that kind of students click link and they can get all types of information about admission and eligibility criteria. Admission committee declared the chart and in the chart percentage of quota is mentioned. According to the quota it is clear that students whose parent are not from army sector and any other sector and they want to get admission in this session that kind of students are eligible but only percent students can get admission on that quota.

Students who get all classes of their matriculation under private quota but their parents do government job not army job that kind of students are also eligible. If any student who are the son of Ranger officer or army officer and now, they want to get admission in this cadet college that kind of students are eligible and they can get admission on 40 percent.


These are the important conditions and without these conditions no any student can apply for admission.

First is that students must be attempt all questions of admission test and if they can get well marks then they can qualify and move to round of interview that is last round of test.

Un-fit students are not eligible for admission.

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