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Ramzan K Ashre Ki Dua (1st, 2nd & 3rd) Ashray Ki Dua

All important things in RAMZAN and FAZELAT of RAMZAN are mentioned in the page. If any people who want to get complete information about the Ramadan that kind of person click link and they can get all information about the Ramadan. First thing is that mostly people do not know how they behave in the RAMADAN and some of the child who are too much little and they do not know how to keep the fast in Ramadan that kind of child can get  information and procedure of fasting. All Islamic countries and Muslims are too much waiting for this month and some of the people who do not give attention to the Prayer that kind of people give proper attention in this month because they know that if they do not request to the Allah for forgive their sins then they do not get success in their life.

In Pakistan, all types of people change their time table and every person try best to do good deed because this is one of the best months in the whole year that person do one good work then they get 1000 virtues. Some of the people demand the prayer for the first ASHRA and they do not know about the importance of these three ASHRAS. First one is that if any person who always do bad work and they think that they continuously do bad deeds they Allah will not forgive but this is not true.

Ramzan K Ashre Ki Dua

This is just the thinking point of the human being on the other hand Allah said that if any person do bad deeds and only one time they say to me that I am on the wrong way and now I am not doing that kind of work in my life that kind of person see that Allah gives him a chance and Allah forgive their all sins in one second. Some of the person has the strong trust to the Allah and they know that if they do bad work in their life and if they choose wrong way for any work that kind of person face the problems and they are also able for the punishment.

Every person has the different earning resources and no other person know that it’s HALAL or HRAM but person who have a lot of money and they know that they are not HALAL that kind of person the golden opportunity that to distribute their all amount to the poor and needy people.
If they can distribute all their money and they give ZAKAT to the old and poor people that kind of person can get the gift in the world and they can also get the JANNAT after the death. ALLAH said in the QUARN that if any person who do not give ZAKAT into their yearly amount and they take fast then ALLAH said they do not do fasting because ALLAH does not need their fast.

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