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Quaid-E-Azam Of School And College Fee Structure 2023

This is fee structure of both school and college. Admission committee announced that this is valid and best fees of this session and batch that students are eligible to get it and they can pay it. As we all know that this is private college and they announced that all kind of students of this session and the previous session who think that they do not pay the fee of summer session of this school and college classes that kind of students do not need to pay the fee of this session but now they announced that new session is started and all students who are selected in the new admission of this session they all need to pay fee that is not too much old and that is not too much expensive.

First we talk about the fee of small classes that are play group to 5th class and they announced that this is the classes that demand too much experience and attraction of students and at that time this school provides the facility of AC and other facilities that they can enjoy the education with a lot of skills. First we discuss about admission fee and in admission fee some of parents think that they added the first fee of month but in the reality this school announced that they do not pay the admission fee of this session if they are added in this month.

In the regular and general category when admission is closed and after that students want to pay admission fee then they need to pay it 10K at the initial stage but after that when they see that now admission is opened then students can pay it 6K at that time. students who think that when they appear in the monthly test and after that they need to get money of paper or examination charges then they do not pay it in every month and this institute make the policy that they can charge it in the starting year of this session and they think that if they need to get the fees details of this session then they need to download and they can pay it according to this fee structure.

Now students who want to know that when they are transfer from school to college and they have the same sector that they transferred then they need to know that is this institute gives any concession or not and they also want to know that when they need to pay any registration charges of any board then they pay it at the start of month or the end of the month.

Quaid-E-Azam Of School And College Fee Structure 2023

Admission committee announced that when they have the time of registration then it is better that they can pay it that is like 2400 and if they pay late fee then they can pay 3100 RS according to board fee of this sessional.

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