Qabar Par Fatiha Padhne Ki Dua Check Online

The pray that we read in the Graveyard is mentioned in this site. All kind of person who are old or young and they want to get any pray that they do not remember that kind of people can get this without any cost. Some of people know that if they do not know about any pray and they want to learn this then they find the best place that where they get the translation of this and then they can learn this that kind of people can choose this site and with the help of that they can easily understand.

Mostly people search different sites and they think that they can get the best pray for this from any site but when they see that they are too much confused and now they choose this one for this pray. This site uploaded the pray and when any kind of person open this site then they see that the advantages of this pray and they also see that all kind of person can easily read this. If any child who is too much small and they want to learn this then they can edit their mode and they can learn word by word.

Now we see this if any new person who want to know that the month in MOHRAM and now this is the month when Allah forget all types of sins of human and they want to know that which one pray is suitable for this. First is that if they know that in this month they distribute some things for the name of Allah and then Allah gives us more. Allah say that when the human being is died then they are waiting that any alive person do the pray for him or her and then they feel comfort in this.

Best thing is that they follow the rules with time and then they do pray. Second step is that they do WAZU first of all and then they recite the Holy Quran. If they are HAFIZ and they know that how much importance is that they recite this and then Allah blessed that person and their all family that kind of person first recites this. If they have time and they know about SURAT YASEEN then they must be recite and then they pray for their JANNAT.

Qabar Par Fatiha Padhne Ki Dua

If any person who is not too much young and they do not know about these thing and they think that they want to go graveyard and then they need to read any particular DUA that they read and then Allah bless them that kind of person click this link and they see that this is small DUA that they can learn and with that they can get all types of wishes that they want to that person who is not alive.

When people distribute different foods and water to the poor people then this is also the great thing for that  person who was died.

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