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Qabar Par Fatiah Parhny Ka Tariqa or Dua

Here you can get the method of pray and DUA on the QABAR is mentioned in this sit. With the help of this site, if they want to get any help about the ISLAM and if they think that they do not understand any rule of ISLAM then they can get the access of this page and then they can get information about any work.

Now this time mostly people and the people who want to know that how they can do something of their late parents and other relatives. First some people want to know that why they can learn the DUA in these days and first Is that on the occasion of EID and after the EID the month of MUHARAM is started then every kind of people go to the graveyard and then they can offer the lot of prays for the lovers and bloody relations.

Every year in the month of MUHARAM every type of person try best that they can adopt the old and best DUA from the QURAN and their main aim is that when their offer the DUA then due to deeply heart ALLAH accept their DUA and the dead body feel that one person is in the world who always try best that their relative is feeling good in the world of ALLAH that is the last stage of this life.

Now all kind of people can get the DUA and they also  get the procedure that how they can offer and if they want to get extra DUAS and some other things that is too much important for that day then they can get it without any issue. If any people who are confused in any issue of ISLAM and they think that if they do not solve it then they can do more sins if they can do that kind of people can ask any question through this site and with the help of famous scholar they can get the solution of their own question.

In the month of MUHARAM and some of the people can keep the fast at that month and they think that if they can keep the fast then they demand anything from ALLH about the late of their relatives then ALLAH accept the DUA and ALLAH remover all the sins of that person who is now dead.

Procedure For Offer Pray

If any person who want to follow the procedure and they know that if they can do it with completely rules then ALLAH gives all the things which they demand.

Frist they do WAZU and they also wear the neat and clean ISLAMIC suit. Some people wear fashionable and modern dresses and then they think that now they look well and now they can able to do DUA for their people.

They just spread the hands to the ALLAH and they recite the DROOD SHAREEF with heart and they can offer different SURATS in the mid of DROOD.

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