Punjab University BS Urdu Merit List 2021 Announced

Punjab university has been announced their BSc Urdu merit list fall 2021. Is ml created for all type students including girls and boys. There are several dozen students a recently set their application form for admission in this institute. Ther are different departments available for fall admission in this institute in which the BSc Urdu is one of them. So the students and their application form for different programs and also send their form for admission in Urdu program.

It is very good University for all time its name is a Punjab university  all the student know this university because this is a very reliable and important in Pakistan. Almost all the departments available in Punjab university in which students came here to their education any complete the study. All the degrees of Punjab university is very reliable and compatible for any field in world because it is absolute recognized by the HEC Pakistan. It is the public University in which both male and female students came here to complete the education. Also foreigners came here to complete their education through Punjab university.

When did students and their documents for admission these University receive and start their next work. After this work the university set the merit criteria according to the marks of students. When our students and their result card so the university collect the highest marks result card and start their merit criteria through this result card marks.

PU Merit in Urdu department

The Urdu department is one of the simple and easiest department in Pakistan. Urdu is our home language that mean every student can easily complete and cover their Urdu syllabus. Urdu is one of the well-known department in Pakistan and every second student want to get admission Urdu.

The merit start at 70% in institute for BS Urdu. So the that 70% merit criteria is not so hard because Urdu is the arts subject and are subject merit re is not so high like any other science programs. There are also some type of students who are likely to complete their Urdu education because they like poems and Urdu adab. You’ll become teacher sometime if you cover your BS Urdu degree.

Punjab University BS Urdu Merit List 2021

If you choose BS Urdu program for your complete study only so there is no problem. Because unfortunately in Pakistan there is no scope of Urdu type programs. In Pakistan the scope of special type professional degrees. That is why there are only few students who like to take admission in Urdu type programs.

The merit is not so high in Urdu program because there are only few people ready to take admission so the seats are already available any time for students. So don’t see your time and money to choose this type programs get admission in some type other programs in which the mystery biology math or some other categories. For more information about married and admissions of universities please read our other articles.

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