Punjab University BA English Past Papers Check Online

Past papers of update version of this session has been published.  Punjab University declared all types of date sheet of English and all kind of students try their bets to get past papers of BA English. Some students think that this degree is too much easy and they can get easily good marks in this subject. Basically English subject is full of composition and essays. Some students who do not have strong grip of grammar but they have fully concepts of all topics that kind of students just click this link and get past papers of BA. Some student is too much poor in study and they have minimum chance that they do not pass examination of this session. Students who are totally scared about final examination of BA that kind of students read past papers and then they can easily get 40 percent marks in examination.

Punjab uni9veristy arranges examination of BA degree level in proper format because every board tries their best to make easy examination because subject is full of practice. Now this time 50 plus essays and more than 20 stories are in syllabus. Some students have best skills in self writing and they need just concepts. Some students have all kind of concepts but due to week vocabulary they do not make proper sentence.

Due to past papers, mostly students got good marks because syllabus of all subjects is same. In every session, some questions and important essays must be repeated.  If any student has supply in previous examination and now they want to get improve their subject in this session that kind of students just download special book that is special for supply holder students. Some students who are belonging to average medium and they need only 70 percent marks that kind of students download only previous 3 years past papers for preparation.

How To Get Past Papers

Now this time, mostly fake companies published past papers and due to just earning they upload wrong past papers.

If any student wants to get original past papers with stamp that kind of students click this link and get official past papers of Punjab University of this degree.

Some students who want to get only list of essay that are too much important for examination that kind of students click this link and get only 10 important essays for annual papers.

Past Papers

All kind of past papers of different subjects is mentioned in page. If any student who wants to get solved past paper of English that kind of students can download question paper and answer sheet of BA English.

Mostly students want to get only short questions without any answer sheet that kind of students download update session paper.

In this site, individual year past papers are not mentioned. This site arranges past papers in year category.

Students can download past papers of session 2019 to 2021. All past papers of theses session are mixed for preparation of BA.

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