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Punjab Government Green Tractor Scheme 2023 Download Forms

CM Scheme of green Tractor has been announced. Now application form and list of all requirements are mentioned in this page. first is that in this government of Punjab take the decision and they announced that all new and poor formers who have a contract to the other lands or they have own land to farm that kind of all formers now get the loan from the government and then they can start farming with low expenses. First is that this government who involve all the working status of every field and they announced that after survey the farmer working expense are too much high and they do too much hard working now with the help of this they can get Tractor and then they can do best work with the help of latest technology. This is the big step for the youth who study the latest farming course and now they want to show their skills with the help of technology and if they want loan for any other work then they can apply and after some days they can get loan.

Now some of the famer and youth want to know that how many amount they can deposit in the starting stage and after that how many amount they charge in very month that kind of youth can get all types of information from this page but first they complete the 7 process or getting loan and then they are eligible for submission of documents of this session. Now cell of this scheme announced that in this month before the vocation of EID all pending files will be managed and if any person who do not submit documents properly within time then they are eligible and they can get loan within two weeks.

Second thing is that if any person pay the advance amount and they are also tax payer and filer then how many amount they pay as a markup and they also want to know that if they pay all amount at the same time then they can pay other amount that is fix for the loan that kind of famers do not need to pay any other charges according to the new policy of this scheme. Farmers who want to get Tractor and after that they think after one year they need to get original papers of vehicle then they are eligible or not. They are not eligible at that time.

How To Apply For The Scheme And Conditions

Conditions is too much simple and if they follow then they are eligible and if they do not submit all documents that is mentioned in page then their file is forward to the pending category.

If any former who has a back account in any bank and they do not need to get cash amount then they can write the account name and number to this page and then they can get loan form the bank and government of Punjab.


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