PUCIT Entry Test Result 2022 Check Online Free

Result of entry test of Punjab university main campus has been announced. PUCIT announced result of session 2022 and now students can check result of this university. Now more than 20 thousand students apply for computer science and information technology but students who have degree of computer like ICS then they are eligible for entry test of this session. If any student who apply for this season but they do not get result alert from website of official then students do not feel any worry and they can check result of this session. Punjab university of information technology tries best to give admission to all of students but due to too much low quantity of seats students do not get admission.

One thing is that PUCIT do not have any limit that students whose marks are too much high only that kind of students are eligible that is not true. Students whose marks are up or equal to first division then they are eligible and they can appear in admission test of this session. Students who want to check now test and they think that they got good marks in this session that kind of students first check result and then they can judge that they are good for this university or not. First is that total marks of admission test for BS degree of information technology and computer science are 140. Passing marks for this university are half of the total marks but it does not mean that student have a prove that they are selected. Students whose marks are up to 70 then they are eligible for merit list and if they do not get then they can try next time.

Mostly students have a problem that is they solve all questions and they think that when they solve questions accurate then why their marks are not according to their wish that kind of students first check the process and then they appear in admission test. Some students do not know about negative marking of this session and if any student tick one question and after that if they are true then they got 4 marks and if they do not fill with accurate format then their marks are cut with 4 marks. Students who have a doubt to choosing multiple choice questions and they do not take decision which one is best then students do not fill it because if they do not fill then their only 2 marks will be cut.

PUCIT Entry Test Result 2022

This university adopt very famous servers and if any student and more than hundred students open site and at that time if they think that this site is slow then they can refresh the site and then they can check result for this session.

Students have a option that they just put roll number of only codes enter in this site and then they can get result of admission test. This result is attested from PUCIT.

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