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PTUT Merit Calculator 2023 Check Free Online

Two countries connected with each other and they do work on single project that is PTUT. Students who want to calculate their aggregate for engineering and technology degree level then they can calculate it through this page without any condition. If any student who is interested in this university and they know about policy of merit then they also know that how they manage the marks under the term of policy. This is big challenge to all of the students who do technology degree level. Sometime some students think that in technology degree level they can easily got admission because they have degree of DAE that kind of students first check merit list and then they can check that they do not get admission easily from this university.

First, we see the departments and then we can judge that this university has high standard status and students who want to get admission in public university then they can choose it and after that they can also get more advantage when they can make mind for PHD degree level. In this session, students who want to know that intermediate marks are important that kind of students just use the link and they can check eligibility criteria. Admission committee announced that students whose marks are up to 70 percent and they have also a admission test that is more than 50 percent than they can get admission otherwise they are not eligible for this session.

Now at that students also do more things and some students who do DAE and they also do Auto cad course with their degree level and now they want to get admission on early basis that kind of students are eligible but course of Auto is not important for this session. IF they think that they forget the compulsory things and they join normal or minor things then they do not get admission in this session. One more important thing is that students who know about Chinese language and they do some internship at the mid of their degree level then they can get admission in this session. Every student university has a special rule and if any student who do not follow rules that is under quota then they are not eligible. Admission committee of this university who are also responsible for the issues of students and now in this time some students who do HIFZ and now they want to get admission on the base of this quota but at that time they do not get admission that kind of students do not feel any problem and they just apply for this session.

How To Calculate

With the help of this site, they can learn how they can calculate merit and they also learn that how many marks are need for admission.

Students can use online calculator and if they can check one or more than two students at the same time then they can download and they can find in easy way.

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