PM Hunarmand Pakistan Program 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Pm of Pakistan Mr. IMRAN KHAN announced scheme for students and all types of persons who want to do something in their life and they do not have any chance for learning. Pm of Pakistan announced that students who are talented and intelligent and who have good marks in their degree but they do not have practical skills because in their syllabus they just read theory and now they want to learn about practical work. PM of Pakistan promise to all of the People that they provide best education and they try their best to pride them best education with full of skills that’s why they announced admission of different types of courses.

Some of the students think that these courses are general and they also think that if they do not do this course then they can get easily education from any other institute but this wrong. Due to the help of PM, some of the government and some of the private universities and colleges opened their admission for HI-TECH technology courses.

If students do this course and after that they want to get job and any earning point that kind of students get work easily. All of the people and students who are overseas and no  w they want to live in this country and they want to do some work that kind of students do this course and they can get work easily because mow this time this diploma is too much in its peak position. Some students of previous session dot this course with some extra charges but with the help of this scheme students can get admission without any admission fee and they can get education without any charges.

PM Hunarmand Pakistan Program 2022

According to admission policy, mostly students do not afford fees and they want to appeal for their education to Government and now Government announced that students do not pay anything on their education. They just complete their duration and then they can get degree. After degree, they can apply for any work. Some of the students who think that if they have a lot of skills about this course but they do not have any degree and diploma of this course that kind of students click this link and they can get list of special policy and students can only wait for their examination and then they are able for degree.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that students must have result sheet of their degree and if they do ot have degree of their previous class then they submit some diploma for their latest course.

Students submit their documents and then they are eligible for admission.

If student do not complete their duration of study and they want to get degree that kind of students are not eligible and they are not able for next course.

How to Apply

Students simply read instructions and then they download admission form that is mentioned in page.

In this form, students write city and their province carefully.

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