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Pink Scooty Scheme in Pakistan 2023 Apply Online Free

Pinky SCOOTY scheme for girls has been announced. Female currently students who want to get this scheme on the base of installment that kind of students are eligible and then they can get it through mentioned name bank. Point is that this government notice that all kind of students who do not have any car and their homes are too much far and they need to get any vehicle that they can drive and reach at the college and university at any time or valid time. The goal of this scheme is that now girls are going to be developed and they want to get this SCOOTY when they are eligible for this scheme. Next is that this is for those girls who do education and now they need it because their session is started.

Now government of Punjab announced that mostly girls are talented and they want to drive a car and the vehicle that is like bike or SCOOTY and now they think that if they can pay installment than they can easily drive and they can also use it any work. It is important that they need to know that how to drive and if they do not have license of bike and SCOOTY then they are not eligible for this session. Some of students want to know that it is important that only university students or college students can get this SCOTTY on this category or not.

This committee announced that if any student who is from age of 18 to 40 and they have a drive that kind of students are eligible. some of parents are too much confused and they want to know that if they can apply for this session on the base of degree of BS but when they enter the information that they are not from big city that kind of students can get this or not and if they do not get this then which one scheme is suitable for that if they want scheme. This sector announced that this committee do not announced that only big cities can get this but they want to say that all universities and colleges of government is in the big city that’s why students can apply and they can also keep the vehicle to them.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that students who need that they must have registration number of any institute and if they left institute at that time and then they can get admission to other institute then they must submit it of that institute.

Second thing is that they do not have any authority that they can choose bank for the installment and most important thing is that they just visit the bank and they can apply for that. If any person who do not have license and their license are not expire that kind of person are eligible for this scheme.

Try to deposit installment with valid and require time.

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