Peshawar Electric Power Company (PESCO) New Connection Demand Notice & Fee

Latest fee and demand notices of all new applications are available in this page. now they can get the application for the demand notice and they think that this is tough that they do not do the manual work and they think that they need to get online work that they apply and then they can get meter that kind of people do not do it and this is not accurate way to do work.

When they have the time and they think that now this is time that they can apply for that and they note that now tax percentage is too much low then they can apply that kind of person are eligible. If they think that they want to get two meters at one time on one fee then this is impossible and they do not get it and they also do not get any concession for that. In this demand notice no any kind of person pay the fee of any fit the meter that kind of person just pays the fee of meter and the cables that is used for this session of this meter.

In this part we discuss that if they want to make demand notice then how they can do it and if they have any problems that are common in tat phase then how they can solve this that kind of people are eligible to get this information and if they think that they apply for the application but not they do not get the demand notice that kind of people are eligible and they can this through this page. One more thing is that some of people just write the simple application to the name of SDO and they think that they do the application and now they can get it that kind of people do not get the meter and for the meter they need to get proper application form where they apply for demand notice.

Some people think that in the first stage they need to deposit the fee and then they can apply for the further work but they do not think well because first they complete the documentation and then they are eligible for the meter and the payment of this. When they apply for that then they do not add the ID card copy of that person who is the owner of this home and they think that now they sale this and they are new owner that kind of people are eligible and they can get this only one condition if they have second name in this session.

Demand Notice Sample

Some of people do not write the information that is perfect and they think that first they submit the application and when they can get the meter then they can get this that kind of people need to enter exact information.

If they do any mistake in writing the address that kind of person do not get the meter again.

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