PEF University College Scholarship 2022 Apply Online

PEF university college announced the big news for new students. The new news is that now they can get admission with 50 percent scholarship. First of all this this is attested by university of Peshawar and they announced that students who fulfil the requirements of this class and they think that they can get admission and after that they want to get scholarship that kind of students are eligible. Now students who think that they do the best degree that is MBA and they have some basic experience on that degree and they want to know that is it possible that they can get scholarship and then they can get degree on this scholarship or not.

Admission committee and scholarship sector announced that some students have a mind that they just maintain the result of BS degree then they can get on it and some of students think that when their first semester is finished then they can get the scholarship that kind of both students are eligible. When they have good marks then they can get admission and when they have admission number of this university then it is necessary that they can also get the scholarship from this sector.

It is natural that the expense of master degree is too much high and when they see that in the last semester they also pay the thesis fee and project fee then it is too much burden for students of this session. when students apply for that then they do not need to confirm that they are eligible or not because this committee announced that all students are eligible for this scholarship.

PEF University College Scholarship 2022

Now students want to know that under how many rules that they announced scholarship of this session. they also want to know that when they have a scholarship of any other sector and they think that in long time they can take it but now they want scholarship for the next year of this session that kind of students are eligible. Some students who are belong to same family and they think that if they can apply then they are eligible to get it.

Students who think that when they pass the semester and after that they also do the top but with that they think that they can do the top that kind of students are eligible but the amount is not true but in that case they can increase some amount of scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria are that students who passed this semester and with that they do not pass then they are not eligible for the next installment of this scholarship that is announced by this college.

When they have result sheet of previous semester then they can get scholarship and, in every semester, they also need to complete the other formality and then they are eligible for that.

If they think that they can get it in the first semester and with that they want fund of admission fee that kind of students are eligible.

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