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PEC Engineering Degree Verification Procedure & Documents

Steps for verification of all degrees that are relevant from engineering fields are mentioned in this page. Millions of students who do engineering in different departments of different sectors but only some of students need verification of their degree. Pakistan engineering council is very big sector and this sector announced that if any student wants to get PEC number of their degree that kind of students click this link and submit their data for verification. Now this time, Mostly students submit their files and data to office of PEC and best thing is that this sector verified all kind of degrees in proper time.

This sector is only for those students who are belonging to engineering fields. Some students think that they have a degree of BS in any department its mean that they are registered with PEC. It is not good concept. Not every degree of BS is registered with PEC. If any university has some departments of engineering fields it must be registered with Pakistan engineering council. Mostly students do not know about importance of PEC. In past mostly students of software engineering departments face typical problems that is this department is not registered with PEC. Mostly students of this department protest and then decided that this is not a part of PEC but PEC announced that they make a special sector for only fields of computer sciences.

Importance for PEC Verification

It is not compulsory that all students verify their degree. This facility is only for students who want to get scholarship from different sectors for their MS or PHD degree level.

Without verification of PEC, students are not eligible for fully funded scholarship.

Eligibility For Verification

Eligibility is very important for verification. Students who do not belong to engineering field that kind of students are not eligible.

Students can verify their DMC and degree from PEC.

Students who have DMC of MS but they have subjects of medical sciences that kind of students are not eligible.

How to Apply

First of all students must have complete documents for verification.

All procedure is manually but if any student wants to apply for verification from online way that kind of students just fill form online and then they submit all documents and fee slip to PEC sector.

Students just click this link and get online verification form of all degrees level.

List of important documents and fee slip are mentioned in page.

Due to virus office timing is changes but all schedule of office is mentioned in front of page.

Students first enter their name and then they enter ID card number.

With the help of online portal, students can check their online status of application.

If any problem and missing of documents issue occur at that time then all problems with their solutions will be uploaded in online portal.

Students select their degree type and then they mentioned that they are regular or private.

At the end , after complete process students get their verified degree through post.

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