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PEC 8th Class Result 2023 Check Online Free

The result of Punjab examination commission of 8th class for current session 2023 has been announced. Students who want to get the result of 8th class for all the subjects that kind of students click the link and get the result from the Punjab examination commission. The class of 8th and 5th are too much small. Mostly students do not understand the condition of results. Their mind levels are not too much high. After the examination all the students are too much happy. Some of the students feel comfortable after the result. Some of the students are too much worried about the examination. They read the syllabus at day and night. They tried their best to get high marks in the papers. Some of the students tried their best to get the position in the board. Every kind of students has the separate mind set. Every student has the study stamina.

  • After the examination of 8th class, mostly schools of middle give the vacations to the students. In these vacations students complete their extra vacations. Mostly students play video games and some of the students play cricket. Girls do painting and other arts work.
  • After the paper of 8th class, Punjab examination commission issued the teachers for checking the papers. At the duration of process, PEC announced the seats for checking the paper.
  • Mostly government teachers apply for this post. At the end the committee appointed different teachers who are currently or retire from the government colleges.
  • The paper checking system is base on the salary.

How To Get The Result Of 8th Class

  • Mostly students of 8th class are worried for the result.
  • The Punjab examination commission announced the date of result in the different social Medias and site.
  • The best thing is that now the day’s social media is too much active and all the announcements are uploaded in the site and different news channel.
  • Students who cannot wait the result that kind of students click the link and get the result of 8th
  • The result of 8th class is announced in the month of March.
  • In the policy, PEC announced that result of 5th and 8th are announced in the same date.
  • PEC announced the date and time in the notification letter.
  • If any student wants to download the schedule of result that kind of students click the link and download the schedule in Excel sheet.
  • After clicking the link, students select the option of session,
  • If any student wants to check the currently result then they select the 2023 session.
  • After that they select the class.
  • If any student wants to check the result of 5th class then they select 5th
  • After that students select the annual examination option.
  • Then the students enter the roll number in the portal or box.
  • After putting the roll number student got the result sheet that are verified by the PEC.

Result Sheet

  • After getting the online result sheet, this result sheet is not accepted in different schools.
  • All the schools demand the result sheet that is verified by the Punjab examination commission.
  • Students can easily download the result sheet from the site.
  • In the result sheet, student name and father name are mentioned.

The list of information that are mentioned in the result sheet is as follows

  • Student name
  • Father name
  • Roll number
  • School name
  • Subject’s name
  • Subjects total marks
  • Obtained marks
  • Individual subject marks
  • Percentage
  • Remarks
  • Status

Subjects of 8th Class

Due to the corona virus government of Pakistan announced that syllabus of 8th class will be minimize. Due to the corona virus, classes are not conducted and the syllabus of 8th class is too much in pending status.

Now all the students do not get the study online properly.

The list of the subjects of 8th class is as follows

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Urdu
  • Islamiyat
  • General science
  • In the past many different subjects are included but now this time only these subjects are for the 8th
  • These subjects have the same marks in the examination.
  • All the paper of different subjects contains multiple choice questions, short questions and long questions.
  • Mostly students are too much good in the theory potion. They easily write the short questions and long questions.
  • Some of the students are good in multiple choice questions. They easily solve the multiple choice questions.
  • Some of the students have clear concepts and they write self writing in the sheet.
  • Students who do self writing that kind of students got high marks.
  • Mostly students are normal in the study. They do not solve the paper in right format.

How To Solve Paper

  • Mostly students are too much worried about the paper pattern of test. They do not understand that how to solve the final examination. Mostly students just write all the questions and then they write the answers.
  • Some of the students write the answer in random sequences.
  • The paper checker person notices all the methods of paper.
  • If any student maintains their questions in the beautiful format then the teacher give you good marks.
  • Mostly students think that only right answer is the key of success.
  • But this is wrong, beautiful format is also too much attractive for the marks.

After 8th Class Result

  • After the 8th class result, mostly students think that they change their school.
  • Some of the students have the plan that they stop the education and dos some work.
  • Every student has the different problems.
  • Mostly students do not find the good school for 9th
  • If any student wants to get the list of school that kind of students click the link and they download the government and private school list.

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