Pakistan Institute of Science and Technology (PIST) Merit List 2023 – AdmissionPK

Pakistan Institute of Science and Technology (PIST) Merit List 2023

Biggest university of institute of science and technology uploaded merit list. Due to biggest and one institute of space and technology in Punjab Province this institute has too much high merit of this session. All types of departments who are combination of electronics and computing and major things like plane that kind of all departments have too much merit that is high and if any student who think that after getting first division in any class this institute give confirmation that you are selected that kind of students first check that and then they are eligible for merit list.

This institute announced that those students who applied for engineering and after that they think that this is too much high merit and they change mind or degree and now they choose degree of aviation and they think that they can get admission easily that kind of students can check merit list and in this session this degree contains 78 percent marks that Is starting and best thing is that 24 students are those who have same percentage digits but only difference is their points.

If we think that students who want to get admission in space field then they can check that in the ration 70 percent students apply for admission and only 50 students are highlighted for merit list and after that if they do not pay fee at that time then next 20 students are highlighted for this session. Admission committee announced that students who know that mathematics and Statistics have not too much high merit but because of no marks of part 1 all kind of departments have too much high merit and at that time students whose marks are up to 60 percent in simple FSC and they want to get admission in department of mathematics that kind of students are selected and now they can pay fee and then they get admission of this session.

Those students whose application are on pending and they are waiting for second merit list that kind of students are eligible and they can check that after one list students quantity is also highlighted and below to the upper one.

Students think that in second merit list they also highlighted next 50 students and then they announced that their seats are completed but admission committee announced that left seats need students that is cover by second merit list. in second merit list it is not important that only students are low quantity on the other hand it is also possible that student’s merit has also low in this session.

Pakistan Institute of Science and Technology (PIST) Merit List 2023

This is first merit list of all classes and students who want to get merit list of their own class then they can choose and they can check their CNIC number if they are mentioned.

If their name and other their pending categories are also empty and their things are not mentioned then they can wait for next year admission of this institute.

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