Pakistan Institute Of Management (PIM) Admission 2022 Online & On-campus

Pakistan institute of management want to get students who are too much talented and they want to do best in their next life. In this page, all students can get a lot of information about admission and they can also get information for small courses. First is that students are too much waiting for getting information of this institute and then they want to get information about fields. This institute is in the Lahore and every year they announced admission for thousands of students and they also announced admission at this session but before the admission of under-graduation and post- graduation admission committee announced that all students who have a degree of BS and MS and they need to get more skills that is relevant to their specialization subjects that kind of students click link and they can get admission on low merit.

Some of the students want to do free lancing and some of the students need to get information about E-commerce and they want to get skills that how they can invent and how they can earn money through E-commerce that kind of students take admission in this field and they can try their best to get more skills for their life. If we talk about the departments of management and departments of business English then students can get classes online for their professional life.

Now we talk how many students can attend classes at one time and how many students can get admission for Business course. In this session, admission committee announced that all students who want to do this diploma that kind of students take admission for two months and after the two months they can get complete certificate and then they have a degree of professional certificate that is too much useful for their future life.

Pakistan Institute Of Management (PIM) Admission 2022

Students who do not have a degree of BS and they think that they do not get admission in this session of these departments that kind of student do not feel shy and they just apply for admission because these diplomas are not only for degree holder’s students on the other hand these diplomas are for who want to learn best for their practical life. If any student who want to see the contents and they want to need to get admission on the basis of contents that kind of students first click link and then they can read contents otherwise they do not get admission.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for admission of these courses are that students must have result sheets of their semester examination and if any student who do not have result sheet of BS 2 years degree and they think that they do not get admission that kind of students can get admission on the base of two years.

Both genders can apply for admission but if any student who have good marks in IT field and after that they want to get admission in business field that kind of students are eligible.

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