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Pakistan Government Hajj Scheme 2023 Application Form

Government of Pakistan announced HAJJ scheme for this session 2023. All kind of persons who wish to perform HAJJ in this session and they want to know about scheme of this session. Ministry of religion affairs announced announcement and they announced that too much old men and women are not eligible for this session. Some of the persons who do not take care of their self like disable and they need any extra person for their help that kind of person can not apply for this session. If any person who pay charges of private category and they think that they do not need any government charges that kind of persons are eligible and they can perform without any help of government.

Note : Hajj application start from 1 to 13 may 2023. Hajj expensive this years is around 7 lac to 10 lac. Hajj quota of 81,132 in which 40 percent under govt scheme and 60 percenr under private scheme, or upper age limit is 65 years.

Due to virus all policies is changes now this time minister announced that if any person who has hold of IKAMA and only those person who have fit in their health only that kind of persons can perform HAJJ and other candidates who want to go SAUDIA but due to virus they do not visit this country that kind of candidates visit bank and they can apply for refund of their amount. Government of Pakistan announced that all types of candidates can refund their amount without any charges. In past, government of Pakistan collect amount from all candidates and then they announced that if their name is mentioned in lucky draw then they are eligible on the other hand if their name is not mentioned in luck draw then they can get return their amount with some chares.

If any person wants to compare policy and they also want to compare charges as compare to previous year that kind of candidates click link and they can get link of comparison of both years. Now we discuss about amount of HAJJ, Government of Pakistan announced that if any candidate do not know about charges of HAJJ and they want to submit amount for this year that kind of candidates can submit only 550000 and then they are eligible for lucky draw. Some of the persons want details of all expenses and some of the person who has first experience for HAJJ that kind of candidates want to get notification that is announced by government of Pakistan. In this session it is compulsory that all candidates first appear in medical lab and then they give corona test to embassy. If any person who has corona and they want to perform HAJJ that kind of candidates are not eligible and that kind of person can return their comp;lete amount.

Limitations and Requirements

According to new scheme, all candidates first visit ITTEHAD office and then they give fingerprint to office. This step is very important. If any candidate does not follow this step and they want to apply for HAJJ that kind of candidates are not eligible and they are not eligible for visa application.

All candidates check their passport expire data and then they submit to embassy.

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