Pak-Turk International School & College (PAKTURK) Islamabad Fee Structure 2022

Latest fee structure of this school and college has been declared and fees details of whole classes are mentioned in site. This school and college is international and students who live in high society and they want to get admission in this school that kind of students download fee structure and then they decided that they can afford or not. If they can afford fees of whole year then students apply for admission and they also pay admission test fee. Mostly students and parents want to check fees of this school and they visit mostly site for fees but they do not get any information. All students and parents can get whole information of this school.

This school has classes from play group to FSC and all students like male and females are in one campus. Mostly students who are fresh and they want to get admission in play group class that kind of students pay too much high fee because students of small degree classes need more attention as compare to other classes. If any student need admission fee information and they also want to get information about books expense that kind of students click this link and they can get fee information about other charges.

This school has a rule that this is international and they do not follow rules of local government. All students pay fees with tax and this school pay taxes to the Government of Pakistan. Now this time, committee announced that old students pay their monthly fee with 5 percent increment. Every year this school increases some fees of all classes. Mostly parents who are belonging to normal family and they do not pay whole fee at one time that kind of students use monthly fee facility and they can pay monthly fee at every month.

Committee announced that if any student deposits their fee after date of 5 at every month that kind of students also pay fine and then they are eligible for monthly education. Every student pay examination fee in month of January. If any student does not pay examination fee and they do not pay other charges expenses that kind of students pay their all charges with fine.

Pak-Turk International School & College (PAKTURK) Fee Structure 2022

Fees from play group t o 5th class are up to 20K.

Students remember that this fee is only for one month.

If any student wants to get details of annual fee that kind of students click this link and they can calculate annual fee.

Admission fee of all classes are 25k.

If any student has a quota of employee or others then they can pay 10 percent admission fee and complete monthly fee.

Some students who have good marks and they want to get some discount on their tuition fee that kind of students click this link and get all policies about fee concession.

Students do not pay any other fee like sports fee and annual prize ceremony fee in their monthly fee.


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