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Nikkah Ka Tarika In Urdu And Dua Online Check

NIKHA is the holy duty who is for all kind of men and women. In that case some of boys who do not know that this is also the part of life and now all kind of boys and girls who know about this rule and they think that now this is the age when they need to know about NIKHA. If any person who thinks that they have a lot of knowledge about this and they think that if they want to share ideas and rules and limitation that kind of person can also upload their ideas and then all kind of other can get advantage from it.

This is one of the thing that Islam allows and Islam announced that all kind of men and women whose age are above 13 and they feel that this is young or they can give birth of any child that kind of person can do Nikkah  and if any person who think that they need to apply for that or for any other formality then they do not need to feel any worry because only some of rules are require for that.

Now first is that we all know that some of relations are not for the NIKHA and if any person who do not know that then they can click this link and they can get the list of all relations that any person do not do anything with that person. Some of person announced that if any girl who is not from the bloody relation with you and after that they want to marry with you that kind of person who is boy then they need to judge that in that case they do not drink milk to that list of that person because if they drink to any person of this relation then they do not have separate relation.

At that time if any person who is read to do NIKHA but they do not know that which things are too much important for that and they also do not know that how they can manage this work when they do not know anything. If they do it then need to know many people who want to sah that this is a person who is ready  for NIKHA and then on the other side two of people are also require for the side of girl.

After that some of people see that in every case one of person who is the registrar of the council and they have a ability and they pray some DUAS and after that they ask to both boys and girls that they want to marry with each other or not. One of rule is that when this person ask to that boy for marriage and then they reply that they are ready they said it three times without say any word then in that side 50 percent of NIKHA will be completed. On the other hand if girl say that they are  not ready for that and they need some time for thinking that kind of girl do not want to marry with that person.

Nikkah Ka Tarika In Urdu And Dua

When they both are agree then this officer pray the DUA that is a SUNNAH and then they are official couple in the front of people and they also complete one order of ISLAM that they teach us the best thing.

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