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Niazi Express Fares List & Contact Detail

Latest updates about Buses fares and their further information is mentioned in this page. Any person who are just a visitor and they want to get access for online booking that kind of person can book their seat with their own choice at any time. In past when internet is not too much easy for access than mostly people do not sleep in whole night and their main aim is that they just book the seat in the night for the traveling of morning but due to internet everything is easy in whole life.

Now all kind of people who do not have internet and they want to book the seat for specific location then they can just go to the commission agent shops and they can book their seat with same fare. Some people have an issue and they think that if they do not pay fare at the time of booking then its possible that they can pay dare at the time of travelling or not. First is that when any person pays fare then their seats is reserve and if they do not pay then they do not book seats.

Now all kind of person download fare list and this fare list is only for one month that is currently active because this bus service changes the fares according to situation of Diesels. This site gives best facility that they can choose route and then they calculate their fare with the help of Kilometers. If we take example then we can easily understand that one person who want to travel to the route of Lahore to Multan but in the mid of their journey they want to meet their relatives who are in NANKANA SAHIB then its possible and they can also pay only fare of that stop.

NIAZI Express main terminal is located in near of SHEZAN factory and if any person who do not find out the exact location of terminal then they can click link of this name and then they can get location according to location map. Now, any person who want to know that how many buses are for one route then all people know about quantity of buses and now this time more than 20 buses are for one route and they work daily according to their time.

Important Announcement

Important announcement is announced by the bus service that is very useful for the passengers who want to travel in EID days. At the days of EID mostly people meet with their relatives and on EID vocations mostly people plan for tours and now they can get discount and they can travel with this bus service.

Due to EID this bus service gives 20 percent discount in this month and now they can start booking for any seat.


  • Lahore to Sahiwal
  • Faisalabad to Multan
  • Gujranwala to Karachi
  • Lahore to Karachi
  • Multan to Gujarat
  • Lahore to Multan
  • Lahore to Rawalpindi

Special buses are also available in these days.

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