Namaz E Janza Ka Tarika In Urdu Complete Online Free

Now here are the total steps of NAMAZ E JANAZA of every kind of Human. Basically, this is not a trend or not a traditional and this is rule in ISLAM and every MUSLIM must be follow this rule with proper procedure. First is that some of students want to learn at this age and they think that if they learn in that age that is above 10 years old then its easy in their practical life or next life. At that time, mostly extra traditions are in the human life and every kind of person also follow this rule with strong proof. If any person who do not know about the prays of NAMAZ E JANAZA then they can get all types of DUAS from this page and then they can learn all procedure with images.

With the help of this page, people also lean more things and when they see very image or pose to stand in NAMAZ E JANAZA then they can easily understand all things. Now any person who are not from the religion of ISLAM but now they are MUSLIM and they want to learn all things that is compulsory in ISLAM then they can learn through this page. In this page today, all kind of person want to know that how many RAKAT are in this NAMAZ E JANAZA and they also want to know that which things will be reading in the NAMAZ E JANAZA.

Namaz E Janza Ka Tarika In Urdu

First is that it is important that which person Is died and what’s the age of that person and if they are female then what is the age of that female. Point is that in Islam every kind of ages has different DUAS in NAMAZ E JANAZA and if any girl whose age are under 16 to 18 and then they died then their DUA is totally different from the age of 15 years old. Next thing is that some people who are too much advanced and they think that when baby give birth and after one or two minutes they do not live properly and due to any reason, they got died then their funeral is compulsory and if they do not do that then they do not do good with this baby.

Procedure Of Namaz E Janaza

Here is the procedure of NAMAZ E JANAZA and all kind of people who know about DROD and SANA then then they just learn the steps for standing and other things and if they do not know about DROD then they first learn and then they can get steps.

First it is important that a person want to offer JANAZA then first their clothes are neat and clean and they also do WAZZU. This is one of prayer who do not have any AZAN.

First person raise your hand up and then they touch with their ear for SANA and after when IMAM say ALLAH o AKHBAR then they start reading DROD SHAREEF.

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