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Nadra Tracking Id Check Online Free

Now it is easy to access the tracking ID of all types of national identity card. Some of the people who are too much busy and they want to know that after how many days their ID card will be issued and they also want to know that if their document is not completed then this site inform that they are eligible for that or not. Some of the candidates who are eligible for ID card but they want to know how they can get information about ID card. First we can talk about the past then people again and again went to the NADRA office and then they ask to all of employees that what is status of their ID card and when they know that their ID card date is not  issued at this stage and after they create seen that is not accepted from the customers.

Now second thing is that those people who are overseas and they want to track their ID that kind of people are eligible and they can track it through their cell phone. If any person who do not have android phone and they want to access the track that kind of people can sue this link on their laptop and then they can check that how many days they need to get ID card. Now NADRA announced that candidates who are not from this country like they are not in this country but their nationality is from this country that kind of people can check and after that if they do not receive message then they can do second step.

One of important thing is that if any candidate who do not have Application ID and they want to get the track that kind of people are not eligible for that and for tracking it is important that they must be get the application number or ID card number and then they want to get it that kind of people use this site and they can track all things that is under process. Some of people want to know that they know about CNIC and after that they want to get issue date of ID card then they are eligible for now that or not. Some of the people just enter the CNIC number in the tracking option and when they can get invalid message then they think that this not working well.

How People Can Track

There are two options at that time and if any person who want to track then they can use their account and then they can track it and if they do not have any account and after that they want to track id then they can use this SMS alert and they can get it through this page.

If they know about code than they can enter the application number and then they are eligible for getting ID status of their ID card that is most important thing.

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