Nadra Marriage Certificate Online Check, Fee & Verification

People can get all types of information about verification, fee and procedure for marriage certificate from this site. It is easy to get all types of information online and now people who are in relationship and now they want to get marriage certificate in the form of digital then they can apply and after that they can get within 10 days. First is that mostly people feel that this is like a burden and they also say that when manual thing works right then why we digitize this certificate. Now all types of people understand the issues of manual work and they also do not know if any building who has a lot of records and any disaster cover to this building then people do not have any prove that they are in marriage relationship.

Now other thing is that after marriage some of couples make a plan that they perform Umrah or hajj but if they plan then they first computerized their marriage certificate and then they are eligible. After 2016, government of Pakistan announced that couples whose wife name is not attached with husband name in CNIC then they are not eligible for any tour or VISA. If any person who is boy and girl and now they want to make tour then no any limitation is allow for this tour.


First limitation is for computerized certificate is that couples must have a copy of manual marriage paper and in that stage if they do not have then they can contact with Union council and then they can get copy from it. If they have a copy and in Marriage certificate name and ID card number are valid then they can apply for digital.

Some of people who do not make it computerized and after that one of any people is died then they do not convert their all money on the name of their partner.

If any girl who got married before 18 years old and they do not have ID card number at that time and now they need for digitize then they can do but first they submit B-form number and then they can apply for that.

Fees and Verification

Process of verification is not important mostly but if any person who want to apply for visa or work permit then they must be doing verification first and then they can apply for visa.

Fees have two categories. One is that they can apply on normal category and in this category, they can check price list for verification but if they need on urgently basis then they can apply for urgent base and their amount is too much high as compare to normal.


Now procedure is too much simple but only simple for those people who have complete documents and they can easily submit all documents within proper time.

For verification and registration they can get token online but first they login in page and then they can get certificate.

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