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Nadra Corona Vaccine Certificate Online Apply & Fee

For information of fees and procedure for applying the certificate are available in this site. This is site where you can get the best way to get this thing that is too much important. In this year if any person who think that this is not the important thing and they think that if they do not do it then they are not need to do that thing.

First is that this is most important thing and if any person who need to visit and travel in any way and they need this certificate that kind of person are eligible and they can get it through this site. Students who want to enter in university and they think that they can done the first vaccine process and they think that they can get the certificate on that then they are eligible.

Now all types of business man who need to know that can they get this certificate without any fee and they want to know that this is one way that they can follow and then they can get certificate but in that case one problem is that when they enter the name and CNIC then they can make the certificate on their CNIC not their name. In this certificate that is without fee they just a simple CNIC number and in that case their two vaccines doses details are mentioned in this session.

Now in this session some of person who know that and they think that this is the certificate that has the barcode system and they also have the name and doses information that they can use it on any sector. Now they have two options. One is that one of person who are too much modern and they live in the upper society and they want to make the like the card and some of people who are simple and they need to get this certificate then they pay just fee and then they can take print on simple page.

Nadra Corona Vaccine Certificate Fee

People want to know that what is the currently fee of this session for this certificate and they want to know that when they can easily pay by hand then why they pay online. First is that if they download the certificate on their own power and they think that they can pay then they pay online through any bank source. If they want to pay by hand then they need to visit the branch and then they are eligible to pay 100 RS for this certificate.

Nadra Corona Vaccine Certificate Online Apply Procedure

This is procedure that they follow and then they can get certificate. First, they search the site where name is immunization and after that they choose option of online certificate for vaccine.

After that they enter some information like CNIC, Name and the CNIC issue date.

After that they choose the way of depositing the fee and then they can select the way to deposit the money and then they can get.

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