Nadra Birth Certificate Fees, Verification & Procedure

NADRA keep all authorities on their hand and now they announced to the parents of children that they can get computerized birth certificate from NADRA. In past, all work is manual and too much errors are occurred at that time but due to computerized tings every data is stored in sequence. Now all type of parents who visit union council for the registration manually that kind of parents do not apply for registration and if they want to do registration then they can do through the link of NADRA.

At the time of manual work mostly parents have a mind that they can change the date of birth and after that they can get access at any time. With the help of digital work, no any person does not do wrong work and after that if any person wants to get access online and they want to get certificate online then they can check and they can download.

Now second thing is that if any person who do not do registration of their child after the birth within seven days then they face many problems at that time. Now Government announced that if any person whose child is ill and they want to go aboard then then they can apply for VISA through this NADRA sector.

If we talk about the fee then we have two options at that time. One is that any person can pay 50 RS and they can make certificate with single or normal fee and if any person who want to make certificate on urgent base then they pay more than 100 RS and then they can get registration. In the common words any person can say that this is birth certificate or B-form. At that time some youngsters see that in the old days all family children name is mentioned in one B form and now this is not well process. Now all kind of parents pay individually and now they can pay for specific child.


Sometime in some sectors mostly person want to do verification of B-form and they also know that how many people can verify it. Now people open link and then they can enter registration number for the child B-form number and then they select normal and then they can verify it through proper extra amount.


Now procedure for registration and verification are that first people visit the nearest NADRA office and then they can apply through it.

If they do not know that which is nearest to that country then they can click link and they can check that which is near to their city.

First, they get token from the reception of NADRA and then do wait for their turn. Child who want to do registration they must be visit office.

List of important documents are also mentioned in this page and if any person want to download it then they can download by click link of this page.

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