Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Housing Scheme 2022 Application Form

New housing scheme has been announced. Mr. IMRAN KHAN announced that any people who do not make their house and they need fund for making new home that kind of people can get loan from bank of Punjab. Bank of Punjab is Government bank and this bank announced that if any person who want to open their account and they want to get loan for their home and business that kind of person are eligible and they can get some extra amount with the help of government.

Now there are some difficult options and some different concepts that are too much tough and mostly people do not understand it and they think that if they do not understand all policies and rules then fake sectors can get amount from user. Best thing is that if any person needs help and they want to get information that kind of students click link and they can get total information about this scheme.

PM of Pakistan announced that some of the people who want to migrate and they do not have too much amount for making good home on the other hand their family is big that kind of people can get land like 3 Marla and then they can get loan for making home on it.

Some of the people think that this is tough stage and some of the people know that when ban announced loan then they also announced that first person submit expensive thing as a guarantee and then they are able to get loan that kind of people do not take any tension about it because bank of Punjab announced that person do not submit anything they just apply for loan and they pay monthly installment In time.

Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Housing Scheme 2022

Mostly person have a mind to get loan and they read poster but some of the person do not understand some points and they think that first they clear points and then they take decision. With the help of comment box, mostly people ask two options. One is Markup and second one is subsidiary. First of all we discuss about markup, if any person want to apply for bank loan and they demand that they need 1 LAC then bank announced that person first pay extra charges that is 5 percent and then person can get loan. Its mean that at the last of installment of last year person pays 5 percent extra amounts to the bank. Now we discuss subsidiary mean that person apply for loan and government help to the person for paying their taxes and markup.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that person submits all applications with important documents.

If any person who have a lot of money in their bank account and then they want to demand for loan that kind of person are not eligible because this amount is only for person who do not have too much amount for their home.


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